Getting Creative With Cannabis Advice

Some of the Great Ideas on How to Use Your Marijuana Stems

For those who grow their marijuana for use, they will claim that the stem is a useless part which they end up throwing. When they are done with the buds and the leaves, they throw away the stem not knowing what the stems contain and the different ways in which they can use the stems to their benefit. You should ensure that you use it up because you have taken care of this plant and you do not need to incur losses. You have different means of using the stems of the marijuana plant. You can hence get more info on how to use your marijuana stems by reading the content of this page.

The first way to use the weed stems is by using them to make weed-infused tea. For those who cannot catch sleep or those who have insomnia, this will work great, and you will feel sleepy shortly after you complete a cup of tea. To prepare the tea, you need to use a fat-saturated substance in your home such as the coconut oil for the effects of marijuana, or water when you are only concerned about the flavor of the marijuana. You first need to toast the stems in an oven at a low temperature, for 15 minutes then raise the temperature and toast for 45 minutes. Grind the stems as the coconut oil heats and then boil them in the oil for 7 minutes. Put some amount in a cup and add some brewed tea and drink.

You can also consider the marijuana stems when you need to make a wick for your candles. You should go for the longest hemp stems. Using a small knife, strip the stem into thin parts till you can bend the fibers of the stems. Twist these fibers to have the thickness that you desire. Dip the wick you make in beeswax and let it set. Burn the wick and the smoke produced will also give the benefits of marijuana.

You can use the cannabis stems to make the paper products. For most people, the stems will be a waste until they learn how to make paper from the stems. You will need to pick the marijuana stems and paper scraps, soak them in water overnight for them to hydrate. After that, you will then blend the stem and the scrap paper. You will then need to pour the mixture you have blended on a screen to let it dry. You can then hang the paper up to dry further forming a sheet of paper that can be cut into pieces.