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Top Signs You Have Bad Night Vision.

Trouble seeing at night means that you have poor vision at night when the sun goes down, this could be devastating since it is very easy to get into an accident especially when you are driving.

By far the sign you are having bad night vision is the quality of the vision itself and if you have trouble seeing at night chances are you have bad night vision.

If you see blurry or fail to completely see in darkness even when the pupils have opened wider to allow some little light for you to see, that is a sight you have bad night vision which can be corrected by an optometrist Idaho falls for instance.

If you have difficulty adapting to light levels then you have night bad vision, the human normal eye takes about thirty minutes to adjust in the darkness but once you have nigh bad vision this could be impossible.

Most of the individual who have nyctalopia will go temporarily blind when they travel from a bright sunny day to a room filled with darkness, the transition is slow and takes longer to adjust.

If you have trouble driving at night then you have bad night vision which can be corrected from Idaho Eye Center Idaho Falls for instance.

In places where headlights and streetlights are punctuated by darkness, if you have bad night vision you may be unable to transition easily to see when driving and this makes it a hard experience to go through.

Another sign of bad night vision is if you see halos and glares from the light sources, bright circles which surround the light which means you are unable to focus and see well.

If you lack Vitamin A in your diet it could contribute to poor night vision, Vitamin A helps to create the cells which are responsible for night vision and also improve proper visual functioning.

Another cause of poor night vision is the diabetes high blood sugars affects the eyes, specifically light sensitive tissue in your retina become damaged.

The retina is the one which is responsible for converting light to readable signals for your brain once the blood vessel leak the images become distorted resulting to bad vision.

Blurry vision is nearsightedness and can happen even during the day resulting in you being unable to make out object and this makes it impossible see objects that are far away and as a result your vision is reduced drastically, however this condition can be rectified at Idaho Eye Center, see this site for more information.

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